Boundary Survey

A Boundary survey provides an exact location of improvements such as fences, retaining walls, etc. on your land. All property corners are located and accurately marked. A boundary survey will also show the building lines and all of the easements of record as shown on the recorded subdivision plat or referenced in a provided title commitment.

If the survey is being prepared in conjunction with the purchase of a property, survey insurance coverage is given to both the buyer and the mortgage company. Lenders of commercial property rely on a boundary surveys to evaluate the value and use of the property. The end result of a boundary survey is a detailed drawing that will show the results of the survey field work and all items that are pertinent to the survey.

Surveying Property Lines

Current owners of property or potential buyers of property rely on boundary surveys as a way to locate, verify or reestablish and reset property corners for residential, commercial or industrial property. Corners are indicated by a survey monument, which is typically rebar or iron pipe located at each property corner. Most monuments are difficult to see as they are set flush or slightly below ground level. Most survey monument types are magnetic in nature and can be found by using a metal detector if they exist.