How Much will a survey cost?

You can request an estimated cost of the survey you need. The surveyor's cost estimate will be based on the anticipated difficulty and estimated time needed to complete the required tasks. Fees can be estimated, but since every property and its chain of title is different, the surveyor cannot always predict the amount of work required to recover and analyze the best evidence. The amount of time required to obtain field measurements and make boundary determinations depends on the availability and proximity of the physical and written evidence. The surveyor will be able to provide you with a cost estimate based upon an hourly rate, experience with similar jobs, and a general knowledge of the area, but actual costs may not be known until the project is completed.


What type of survey should be requested for design of new construction?

Whenever new construction is proposed, the preparation of a boundary and topographic survey will enable the architect or engineer to determine the existing site conditions for the design of the proposed improvement. Our team will ask key questions to determine what sort of detail is required to provide what the design professionals require along with the requirements of the governing agencies when applicable.


What is a K-1 Staking?

K-1 Staking is staking of record property corners, as per Paragraph K-1 of the HAR Purchase Contract (11/18).

What is NOT included in a K-1 Staking:

  • No map (staking, survey, topographical, flood, zoning and ALTA) and there is no written report.

  • No staking of easements (although it can be done at an additional fee)

  • No POLs (points on line) (although it can be done at an additional fee and the client is to provide a sketch, “red-lining” or “highlighting”, the specific locations on boundary lines where POLs will be set)

  • Boundary corners that are located in streams, gulches, or dangerous conditions and they may not be set; if so, an offset pint is provided.

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What is a K-2 Survey?

As per Paragraph K-2 of the HAR Purchase Contract (11/18), it states: A land surveyor licensed in the State of Hawaii shall survey the subject property even if the boundary points are visible. We will provide a map (with surveyor’s stamp) and accompanying report to show the perimeters of the Property and the location of any improvements in the vicinity of the perimeter Property lines.

  • The survey and map will not address whether improvements on the Property are in compliance with State and/or County requirements, and/or subdivision covenants, conditions, and restrictions. is staking of record property corners only and a map showing improvements along the property lines.

  • Structures (houses, garages, sheds, etc.) are not included on the map unless they are within 5 feet of the property line. Locating and showing structures on the map not along the property lines is at an additional fee.

  • Staking of easements is not included in the K-2 Survey.